Really lucked out when we selected Katie

Jackson is a hot market and any one of the thousands of real estate agents in town can surely sell your property. My challenge was finding someone who was going to maximize the price and was going to do more than just let the sale fall into their lap. We really lucked out when we selected Katie. Rather than just list the property she had an organized marketing plan that made sense. Then we were thrown a real curve in the process. The day we were going to list she discovered our property had a sewer backup. Even though it was the responsibility of the homeowner’s association to fix it, there were still many decisions to make in the repair process like paint color, carpet type, monitoring the progress and just signing off on the work performed. My first thought was it would require several trips to Jackson before we could even begin the selling process. Katie handled all the local items in the process taking away any burden on my part and then proceeded to sell the property as originally planned. In the initial contact she said she would work hard and she certainly went over and above that statement.