Could not have asked for a more caring realtor..

My partner and I were nervous to even start the house search process. We make okay money, but are self employed and live in expensive Jackson Hole. Katie and I have known each other professionally for two years. I mentioned to Katie we needed to start house hunting, but we did not have a lot. Katie was amazing, she welcomed the opportunity to show us through neighborhoods even though we weren’t sure we could buy. She said it was no problem and was happy to help us see our options and get a sense of the market. She never put any pressure on us and generously gave us her time. There were a lot of ups and downs with the financing and Katie was calm and patient (even when we were at our wit’s end).

We could not have asked for a more caring realtor. When we closed last week I looked right at Katie and said, “this wouldn’t have happened without you. Thank you.” Thank you Katie, homeownership in Jackson can feel impossible, Katie helped us understand it was possible and walked us through the process with grace!