Attention to detail and advocacy for her clients

I cannot recommend Katie highly enough. Her professionalism, attention to detail, advocacy for her clients, laid back yet exceptionally competent style, her belief that it needs to be the right house for you, I could go on & on. A few specifics: one, it’s very clear that Katie cares as much if not more about whether the “fit” is right for you than the “sale.” Two, her logistical mind and attention to detail made me feel so well taken care of throughout the process of buying one house as I sold another. And third, her thoughtfulness, her demeanor, and her relationship with both me and how she approached other realtors made working with her a total pleasure. I care a great deal about the service I get, and, Katie is truly exceptional to work with. She took care of many details for me that I would never have expected a realtor to take care of. Can’t say enough good things!